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Glen Hill

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Providence Place - for independent living
200 Glen Hill Drive South, Whitby

Providence Place building (completed in 1988) has 10 floors with 125 residential units. Each floor has up to 13 units.

There are :

  • 76 one-bedroom apartments, (of which 10 are specifically designed for the physically challenged)
  • 49 two-bedroom apartments
  • One-bedroom units are 576 square feet
  • Two-bedroom units are 787 or 819 square feet
  • At least 50 of these units are rented at market value, while the remaining are ‘rent geared to income’ apartments.

All residents of Providence Place are required to become members of Durham Christian Homes.  Please complete a Membership Application and Waiting List Application form and submit them to our main office for review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Durham Christian Homes (DCH) a unique and a special place to live?

  • A real sense of community spirit
  • Our resident's work and play ethic
  • The opportunity to freely express your Christian beliefs

Are the residents involved with what happens at Durham Christian Homes?

  • Resident input is much appreciated and encouraged.
  • "Residents' Council" meets on the first Tuesday of each month to share information and to discuss upcoming activities or events.
  • Our Annual General Meeting is held each June where reports from various committees are heard, new initiatives are presented and discussed, questions are invited from the membership and new Board Members are elected.
  • Residents are encouraged to become members so that they may have a voice and a vote at this meeting.
  • To become a member complete the Membership Application Form and mail to our office along with the appropriate fee.

When should I apply to live at Durham Christian Homes?

  • approximately five years before you think you may want to move in you may access an Application Form here on line or pick one up at our office.
  • Application forms may be mailed in or dropped off in person.
  • The application must be signed by the person(s) applying to live in the residence.

At what age can I move in?

  • at least 60 years of age to move into Providence Place
  • at least 55 years of age to move into Tekoa Manor
  • ,
  • For married couples, at least one spouse must meet the age criteria.

Does Durham Christian Homes have a waiting list?

  • 3 to 5 years dependent on your specified unit requirement
  • Most quality retirement homes have a waiting list and it is imperative that you have your name added to the list ASAP.

What does it cost to live at Durham Christian Homes?

  • depends upon the square footage of the apartment unit that you rent and the amenity costs associated with your specific apartment.
  • Please contact our Tenant Administrator for current rates at jwedd@dchomes.ca

Are rent subsidy apartments available at Durham Christian Homes? How do I apply for a rent subsidy apartment? What level of income qualifies?

  • In Providence Place, there are 74 apartments that are rented out based on income level
  • There are 6 in Tekoa Manor.
  • To qualify for these 'rent geared to income' apartments, you must apply directly to Region of Durham Housing Services.
  • If you are applying for a one-bedroom unit, your total gross household income generally cannot be more than $26,500 and your total household assets cannot exceed $40,000.

How often do apartments become available?

  • Unfortunately we cannot predict which specific apartment unit(s) will become available at any given time.
  • Upon notice of vacancy and after previewing your specified housing criteria, our Tenant Administrator will call the next applicant on our waiting list and offer the opportunity to preview the available apartment.

Do I need to provide my own insurance for my apartment unit?

  • Residents must cover the cost of insuring the contents of their apartments.
  • They must also have liability coverage for possible damage to other units or the building itself.

Are any of the apartments designed to accommodate wheelchairs?

There are 10 accessible/handicap-equipped apartments in Providence Place, which are specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

If I decline an apartment that I have been offered, will my name be dropped to the bottom of the waiting list?

If you are called about a specific apartment that appears to meet your pre-specified criteria, and you decline the offer to view the apartment, you will not be dropped to the bottom of the 'waiting list'. If however, you have come in and viewed three different apartments on three separate occasions and have declined all, your name will then be dropped to the bottom of the waiting list.

If I decide to move-out/vacate my apartment unit at Durham Christian Homes, how much notice must I give?

    Tenants are required to give 60 days notice, from the beginning of the following month if you intend to vacate your apartment unit.
    During that 60-day period of time you will remain responsible for rent payments or any other costs associated with the running of your apartment.
    If vacancy occurs due to death, your estate will remain responsible for the rent and any costs associated with your apartment for a period of 30 days after notice of the tenant's death is formally given to our office.

Could the auditorium space be rented out or are there other party/community rooms available for rental use?

The auditorium space may be rented out as well as other rooms. Please contact our office directly with regards to availability and cost at office@dchomes.ca

What services may be found in the immediate area surrounding Durham Christian Homes?

We are located south west of the main intersection of Dundas Street & Thickson Road, which puts us directly behind:
  • Metro
  • Toys-R-Us
  • Toronto Dominion and CIBC Banks
  • a medical clinic, a pharmacy, several other casual stores and a family restaurant
  • the Whitby Mall is also just a short walking distance from our buildings.
Other amenities unique to our area include:
  • AMC Theatre complex
  • An array of restaurants and coffee shops
  • The beautifully appointed Whitby Library
  • Heydenshore Park, which skirts Lake Ontario offering both walking and cycling trails
  • The Whitby Seniors Centre is not far from our location andtwo Recreation Centres to the south and north of us which each feature indoor pools as well as the Whitby Station Gallery
For those without a car, local buses may be accessed directly in front of our buildings and we are approximately 10 minutes from the Whitby Go Train station.

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